June 5, 2010: Journey to the Northwest Angle

For my 26th birthday, I wanted a road trip to somewhere remote and odd. Minnesota's Northwest Angle satisfied both of those requirements! The Northwest Angle is that piece of Minnesota that you can only get to by crossing into Manitoba (or via ice road in winter).

At the Canada-US border crossing lies only a phone booth, no customs agent. The phone only has two buttons to push, one reading "US" for those entering into the Northwest Angle, and the other reading "Canada" for those heading back to Manitoba.

The town of Angle Inlet has less than 200 people, but the restaurants were delicious, the golf course looked nice, and most places took debit! Lake of the Woods was beautiful as always. We spent lots of time admiring a group of American White Pelicans.

American White Pelicans, Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

On our way up North, we came across Shallow Pond Lake, which of course made my list of unexplainably-named lakes!

Shallow Pond Lake, Itasca County, Minnesota

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