June 12, 2010: Central MN Lakes

My husband wanted to travel down to Aitkin to go shopping, so I decided to turn it into a road trip to pick up a couple lakes south of GR. Generally, when I plan a day trip getaway, I head north. I just think it's prettier, though the mixed farm-and-forest landscapes of Central Minnesota are lovely as well. Dinner Pail, Poor Farm, and Rabbit (in honor of our pets!) Lakes were simple to get to. Dirty House Lake, however, involved a long trek on a minimum maintenance road, and my husband was NOT happy with me.

Dinner Pail Lake, Itasca County

Poor Farm Lake, Aitkin County

Rabbit Lake, Crow Wing County

Dirty House Lake, Cass County

I was happy to see that Dirty House Lake had enough mucky, weedy water to live up to its awesome name!

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