Home on the lake

We have been lucky enough to live on a lake or down the street from a lake for as long as we have been in Minnesota (really, it's difficult to get away from them!). I spend a lot of time discussing lakes that I have traveled to, but haven't spent any at all on the lakes I call home.

Upon first moving to Minnesota in August 2008, I rented a gorgeous cabin on Wendigo arm of Pokegama Lake. This lake will always be my favorite. Summer or winter, there is always something going on at Pokegama. I could wake up at 3 am to find either boat or snowmobile traffic, depending on the season. Pokegama is the place to be. Whenever I miss it, I head over to Zorbaz for some fun drinks on the deck! Bonfires and BBQs at Birch Cove resort are the best!

Pokegama Lake

For about a year I rented a small house in the town of Grand Rapids, just a walk down the road from the small, but picturesque Crystal Lake. This lake is a favorite since it is surrounded by a nice walking trail, with park benches along the way. My favorite memories at Crystal Lake involve sitting on a bench facing North with a cup of tea, waiting for the aurora.

Vic walking on Crystal Lake

We have recently bought our first home in Coleraine, and at the end of our street is an access to Trout Lake. Trout's history has not been a pretty one - residents tell me that the lake was quite decimated for a period due to mining. Recent changes in environmental zoning enforcement have resulted in Trout Lake becoming known for it's clarity and fishing. We're still new to the area, but from what we can tell, the wildlife on Trout is abundant and the views from our bay are lovely.

Trout Lake

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