June 26, 2010: Welcoming summer at Lammon Aid Lake

Lammon Aid Lake is a small lake south of Calumet, MN. This ridiculously-named lake was discovered by our coworker Dave. Instead of cleaning the house or landscaping, as we probably should have, Vic and I took a quick excursion to add this lake to our collection. What better way to celebrate summer than spending an afternoon on a lake with lemonade?

Lammon Aid Lake was really scenic and had lots of wildlife. We saw loons, fish, dragonflies, and an eagle.

There only appeared to be 2 residences on this little lake - from our angle I saw one dock with a lawn chair on it and a tiny brown cabin on the opposite side. As much as I love our house, I think it would be pretty awesome to have a little secluded cabin on a lake. Maybe I'd go crazy with the isolation, but maybe not right away. There never seem to be enough hours in the day for reading, writing letters, and just thinking.

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